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Baby Boomers are Finding 'Work at Home' MLM's are 'On Their Way Out'

February 16th, 2017
If Baby Boomers are looking to achieve financial freedom from home, specifically through an “MLM” or a Network Marketing opportunity, you’re in for a rude awakening.

Baby Boomers
Finding 'Work at Home'
MLM's are 'On The Way Out'

MLM's as We Know it are Dead…
... And the Internet Killed It.

Hundreds of MLM’s are launched every year... 
...thanks to the Internet.

The problem is that there are only so many Baby Boomers to go around.

If you are a Baby Boomer looking for financial freedom from home,
specifically through an “MLM” or a Network Marketing opportunity, you’re in for a rude awakening.

The reason is that the number of Baby Boomers coming into MLM's each year is now drastically out of proportion with the number of new company start ups.

The information in this Article will save you hours and even years of blood, sweat, tears and money too.

Trying To Build A Downline In The Internet Age
Is Like Trying To Fill A Leaking Bucket.

If you’re already in that trenches, fighting with every breath you’ve got for much less money than it’s worth, it’s not your fault… The times have changed.

What I’m about to share with you right now may anger some Baby Boomers, but will help countless others.

Now I’m going to go ahead and assume that you’re either pursuing a home business of some kind right now, or that you have pursued one in the past.

If you’re in neither group, then consider yourself extremely fortunate, as the information on this page will save you years of blood, sweat, tears, and money.

MLM as We Know it is Dead…
…And the Internet Killed It.

Thousands of New MLM’s launch every year thanks to the Internet.
But there are just so many Baby Boomers and others to go around for these New MLM's..

The number of new people coming into MLM each year is now drastically out of proportion with the number of new company start ups.

Most important is that the very economics of MLM's are changing.
The cost of sponsoring a new rep in the cold market continues to spiral upward, while the actual return and “life time value” of that rep continues to decline.

Baby Boomers are making our Dreams a Reality with G.P.T.
If you’d like to make more money faster and without the financial risks of a downline, the answer you've been waiting for is G.P.T.

G.P.T. stands for: 'Get Paid Today',
which is a concept that summarizes the growing change of focus in the MLM Industry from a long-term residual income model, to immediate leveraged income.

G.P.T. has actually been around a few years, but G.P.T. is now quickly becoming 'THE' solution for the challenges facing Network Marketers in the Internet Age.

G.P.T. Models Are Currently Found
In “Top Tier” Opportunities.

They are called “Top Tier” because of the caliber of Baby Boomers and others that they attract in addition to the high-level incomes they can produce compared to traditional MLM's.

Most, G.P.T.'s are characterized by a “1-Up” compensation plan, a product or service that is retailed in the $1,000-$3,500 range, and pay out a $1,000+, up-front commission on the sale of that product or service.

When you make a $3,500 commission, it’s like you’re getting paid a year’s worth of residuals up front on Day One with a single product purchase, whether the new rep goes on to build a business or not.

One customer every other week will make you an extra $48,000 a year, and that doesn’t even figure in the leverage of the actual compensation plan which can multiply that number by a factor of 10! or $480,000 per year with just 1 new customer every other week.

To learn more and see the numbers in detail, check this out!

TiDom Inc & Prosperity Nexus Team 
Prosperity Nexus is a private team of individuals who have formed a mastermind to help each other succeed as independent business owners. We are made up of a group of independent business people working together to support each other while earning an executive level income. We have chosen to work our own unique businesses from home or from anywhere we have an internet connection and phone service. We are NOT a company. There is no headquarters somewhere on a street corner. We are an ASSOCIATION of like-minded business leaders pooling our knowledge and offering support to one another without expecting monetary compensation in return.

We believe in the highest level of integrity and, for that reason, the support you will have when you get involved in business with us will be unlike ANYTHING you have ever experienced before. People pay thousands of dollars for the “income-generating” training you’ll receive when you get started, which includes personal 1-on-1 training & support, access to a comprehensive members-only training site and a 24/7 Skype mastermind room where you can ask for help around the clock. You will also have access to our PROPRIETARY marketing system and resources. We’ll even help close your sales for you! As a member of our business you will be surrounded by successful, like-minded, and caring people who will be there to assist you every step of the way!
TiDOM INC  is THE  Top Tier High Ticket  LEADER and INNOVATOR and FIRST alternative franchise style proven SYSTEM in the "Work From Home"  Industry.

 To check out the details of this fantastic opportunity, follow these five steps below:

1. Go to and after the one and a half minute  powerful trailer finishes, enter your name followed by the code "bb" to get the baby boomer special offer, then your  phone number and email
2. Then make sure you watch the entire video and take notes. (Suggest watching it several times)
3. Then scroll down and  press play to hear  the Prosperity Nexus Team Overview.
4. Then Scroll down to the next press play instructions to understand and see the  Information Products TiDom gives us the rights to resell.
5. Then finally scroll down to listen to a final recap of this great business to either set up a personal follow up Q&A or to get started on  one the most lucrative solutions for creating the Time & Freedom Lifestyle you deserve we have ever seen!

Article by:
Ed Goss

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