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Younger Baby Boomers Remember Magic Of Sesame Street [VIDEO]

November 3rd, 2015
[VIDEO] Sesame Street is one show that stood the test of time, and that I enjoyed for many, many years.

Younger Baby Boomers
Remember Magic Of
Sesame Street

When I was a young Baby Boomer I had a few television shows that I deemed to be my most favorite. However the one show that stood the test of time, and that I enjoyed for many, many years was Sesame Street.

Of all the Sesame Street Characters I would have to say that Oscar the Grouch was my all-time favorite. Most all the other Sesame Street characters were nice and warm and fuzzy.

Oscar on the other hand was dirty and rotten and grungy. He always had a nasty word and a snarl for anyone he'd meet through the day on sunny Sesame Street and I loved him. I also adored his pet worm that he aptly named Slimey.

I found Big Bird to be a sucky baby, Ernie was goofy and Elmo (Elmo's World), who came along in later years was a joke. But in my daily visits to Sesame Street, through the willing portal of my television screen, I was always happy to see Oscar.

I was always enthralled with the concept of all that activity and the extent of content in that can of his. From an outside view, from the worn pavement of good old Sesame Street, Oscar's can looked no more than three feet tall. It wasn't much wider across than Oscar himself. But somehow, someway, Oscar had a whole menagerie in that can of his.

I would have gladly left the comfortable confines of Sesame Street to leap into that can with old Oscar. I wouldn't mind getting a bit dirty one single bit. But instead I was stuck to the pavement like all the other kids, and had to be content with watching from my TV set at home.

I watched Sesame Street again a few weeks ago. My children are not big fans of the show, but they'll watch it in a pinch. Something seems to have been lost  - the magic is no longer there. Or maybe it's the kids themselves. Children today are not entertained by the same antics that used to hold us captive.
Perhaps if Oscar the Grouch got his own TV show - and was allowed to let loose beyond the barriers of Sesame Street itself... maybe then the kids would watch it.

Sesame Street: Elmo's World: Play Ball!

Or maybe the magic itself died along with Jim Henson himself and Sesame Street is simply going the way of Mr. Dress-up and the Friendly Giant. Perhaps Sesame Street will only live on in the memories of Baby Boomers, to be quickly forgotten by the children of this world.

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Article by:
Holly Glatfelter

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