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Retiring Baby Boomers are Keeping Busy in Costa Rica

November 3rd, 2016
Costa Rica is a wonderful place for Baby Boomers to live in retirement because of the wealth of activites from which to choose.

Retiring Baby Boomers are
Keeping Busy in Costa Rica

Retirement or just living in another country often present new challenges for Baby Boomers.
Perhaps that's because for the first time we are confronted with lots of leisure time and the problem of what to do to with it.

Costa Rica is a wonderful place to live because of the wealth of activites from which to choose.

Baby Boomers retiring in Costa Rica have no excuse for being bored.

There is something for every Baby Boomer to do of age or interests.

Even if you cannot pursue your favorite hobbies, you can get involved in something new and exciting. Best of all, by participating in some of the activities mentioned in this article, you will meet other people with common interests and cultivate new friendships in the process.

Learn to Speak Spanish
One rewarding way to spend your time is by studying Spanish. Most people you meet will also be English speaking Americans, so you probably won't need that much Spanish to enjoy yourself. However, the happiest seem to be those Baby Boomers who have learned to speak Spanish. We are able to enjoy the culture more fully, mix with the locals and make new friends in the process. However, you will be surprised how many ticos speak some English and dying for the chance to perfect their English language skills while you work on your Spanish.

Spanish is not a difficult language to learn. With a little self-discipline and motivation, anyone can acquire a basic Spanish survival vocabulary of between 200 and 3000 words in a relatively short time. The learning process never stops so studying Spanish can be a life-long project. For a modest fee retiring Baby Boomers can enroll at one of Costa Rica's intensive conversational language schools. Most language schools offer different levels of instruction to suit a student's particular needs. In addition to language instruction, these schools offer exciting field trips and interesting activities which provide you with the chance to make new friends.

Television and Video Rentals
Several companies offer satellite cable television in Costa Rica, so you won't have to worry about missing your favorite U.S. TV shows. A variety of American television channels are available for viewing and entertainment at a low cost - CBS, NBC,ABC, FOX, HBO, CNN, ESPN, and TNT to name a few.

There are dozens of stores which rent videos in English conveninetly located all over the country. Just as in in the U.S. you may rent new releases, classic movies or video games for the kids.

Wealth of Indoor and Outdoor Activities
Retiring Baby Boomers can participate in river rafting (some of the world's best), camping, walking groups, dancing, racketball, weight lifting, tennis, baseball, soccer, swimming and surfing, jogging, bicycling, horseback riding, and sailing. There are also ceramic classes, movies, art galleries, social clubs, parks, zoos and more. There are Theater groups, American Clubs, Women's club, Scrabble, bridge and T'ai Chi clubs. One can even study yoga, painting, writing, pottery, gardening, holistic medicine. The country club set plays golf, graces swimming pools and dines elegantly. To find other activities or a club, look under the weekly "What's Doing" section in the Tico Times.

There are more than 30 museums scattered around Costa Rica displaying everything from pre-Columbian artifacts to the history of railways. In general, Costa Rica's museums provide a good perspective on the history and culture of the country.

Costa Rica's beautiful scenery and spring-like weather provide a perfect setting for playing golf. It is no surprise the sport has really taken-off over the last couple of years and is on the verge of a boom.

The country promises to become a premier golf travel destination in the future with the opening of public courses. Costa Rica is considered to be one of the best year-round fishing areas has some of the world's best sportfishing. Fishing is outstanding almost all of the time and almost everywhere in Costa Rica. Take your choice. Fish either the Caribbean or the Pacific, but don't forget those gentle miles of meandering rivers or the fresh water lakes. Lake Arenal is famous for its guapote bass. More important, most fishing areas are only a few hours driving time from anywhere in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica's beautiful tropical beaches and 767 miles of coastline are virtually unspoiled. Water temperatures are very warm so you can stay in all day. Since Costa Rica is rich not only in natural beauty but in all varities of wild life, Costa Ricans have set aside 20% of their territory and established 36 national parks and preserves to protect the flora and fauna of their country. Nature lovers will find plenty to do here to stay occupied.

Nightlife and Entertainment
There are countless open air restaurants, bars, dance halls all over the country. Costa Ricans love to party and dance. Most of these night spots will appeal to anyone from- 16 to 50 give or take a little for the young at heart. No doubt when you have lived in the country for a while, you will be bitten by the dance bug. If you want to learn how to dance like a Costa Rican, affordable dance lessons are readily available.

There are several gringo bars in the country. Although we don't recommend hanging out at these places 24-hours a day, there is no better way to hear stories about life in the tropics, keep up on local gossip, meet some colorful local characters and gather tips about living in Costa Rica while you sip your favorite beverage.

Costa Rica has about twenty casinos, most in the San José area and a few at beach resorts. Rules differ slightly than in the U.S.A. or Europe, but gambling is fun to learn the Costa Rican way.

There are movie theaters all over the country with most showing first-run movies - usually a month or two after they first screen in the United States. The Cinemark movie theater in Multiplaza shopping center offers U.S.-style stadium seating, 8 screens and hot buttered popcorn. San José is purported to have more theaters and theater companies per capita than any other city in the world.

Most live plays are in Spanish but there are occasional plays in English at the North American Cultural Center. The Little Theatre Group is Costa Rica's only English-language acting troupe and frequently presents plays in English.

If you decide to move to Costa rica, whatever you do, don't make the mistake of being idle. The worst thing Baby Boomers can do is spend all our time drinking in one of the many gringo hangouts.

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Bottom Line: Costa Rica is a GREAT place for Baby Boomers to retire with no excuse for being bored or inactive.

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