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Use 'Baby Boomers' in Your Online Search for Our Products & Services

March 31st, 2017
Baby Boomers Use 'Baby Boomer' or 'Boomers' in our Online Search Engine Searches for our Products & Services that are specifically designed for our Baby Boomer Generation - NOT to be confused with Seniors.

Use 'Baby Boomer' or 'Boomers'
in Your Search Engine Searches for Our Products & Services -
 those that are specifically designed for our Baby Boomer Generation -
NOT to be confused with Seniors.

Marketing and Advertising Agencies in the
United States considers 


Who are Boomers and who are Seniors?

   Baby Boomer Generation -
        1946-1964 (Ages 46-64)
   Silent Generation (Seniors) -
1925-1945 (Ages 65-85)

The Baby Boomer Generation 18 year span (born between 1946 and 1964) represents those years directly following World War II which led to the biggest population boom in US history, when 78 million babies were born in the United States alone.

Silent Generation (Seniors) represents nearly 50 million Americans which were born between the years of 1925 and 1942.

The Silent Generation (Seniors) represents a group of  95% retired Americans.
In just a few short years virtually none of them will command an industry, a battlefield, anything at all. They will have mostly gone well into the background.

The Baby Boomer Generation represents a very large group of non-retired Americans.
Baby Boomers continue to be the most influential group in American Politics and in Business.

Baby Boomers are uniquely characterized by our preparation for retirement.

Marketing in the United States continues to be focused on the 25 - 54 Demographic for mainstream America.

Marketing in the United States consideres the 54+ to be Seniors.

Most all Baby Boomers in their 50's and early 60's are (for marketing purposes) are considered SENIORS.

Unique Issues for Baby Boomers
(Different from Seniors and Younger Adults):
• Working Careers are Winding Down
• Reality of Working During Retirement
• Financial Planning for Retirement
• Increasing Health Issues - Anti-aging Products
• Vacations that are Active and Adventurous
• Home Remodeling and Living Plans without Children

How do Baby Boomers find products and services for designed for US?

Add 'baby boomers' to your Search Engine Search and see the difference.

Try these Google Searches, with and without Baby Boomers in the Search: 
(Click on the text link to see the Google Search)

activities - baby boomer activities
business opportunities - baby boomer business opportunities
concerts - baby boomer concerts
cruises - baby boomer cruises
dating - baby boomer dating
employment - baby boomer employment
fitness - baby boomer fitness
business - baby boomer business
health - baby boomer health
health products - baby boomer health products
magazine - baby boomer magazine
nostalgia - baby boomer nostalgia
retirement issues - baby boomer retirement issues
social security - baby boomer social security
vacations - baby boomer vacations
volunteers - baby boomer volunteers

Recomendation: Use 'baby boomer' in your Search Engine Searches.

 Baby Boomer Magazine,
with due consideration of the present economic situation, 
has committed its investigative and editorial resources
to find individuals and companies of integrity
as well as products, services and opportunities of quality and true benefit
 of all Baby Boomers in our preparation and implementation of our
retirement with a desirable quality of life.

Baby Boomer Magazine Does The Research and Screening of products, services and retirement business opportunities expressly for their true value to Baby Boomers - ones that Baby Boomer Magazine can support with our "Baby Boomer Magazine Resource Guarantee".

Baby Boomer Magazine Utilizes our Baby Boomer Resource Partners to educate, consult and if found of value to you, to sell you the products, services or opportunities that truly benefit you as a Baby Boomer.

Baby Boomer Magazine's Resources Partners also represent various products, services or business opportunities that we have found to be of true benefit to Baby Boomers. We Guarantees there will be absolutely NO Hard Sell, NO Obligation, NO SPAM and NO Hassles.

Baby Boomer Magazine does not accept any Advertising Revenue from our Baby Boomer Resource Partners. We only monetarily benefit if you find the product, service or opportunity that is truly of benefit to you.

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Article by:
Daryl Burns

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