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Baby Boomers Test for Being an 'Empty Nester'

March 6th, 2016
The Baby Boomers test for being an empty nester is simple, your kids have flown the nest and you suddenly realize something has changed in your lifestyle.

Baby Boomers Test for Being an
"Empty Nester"

The Baby Boomers test for being an “empty nester” is simple, your kids have flown the nest and you suddenly realize something has changed in your lifestyle. 

There is more ‘you’ time. Soccer or band practice, homework and maybe some laundry are missing from your schedule. You are in a new stage of life.

A stage in which Baby Boomers get to set the style. 78.2 million US Baby Boomers (today, ages 49-60) will be sharing these experiences now and over the next 14 years.

Empty nesting for Baby Boomers is only a brief pause of transition, next comes ‘Besting or Better Nesting’.


Answer these questions and find out if you are a Bester.

1. Empty Nesting most closely conjures up visions of:
   a. Welcome peace and quiet
   b. Emptiness, silence and old age
   c. Travel and new adventures
   d. None of the above

2. My perfect retirement or second home has:
   a. An exciting location (golf course, waterfront, mountains)
   b. Lower cost to buy and maintain (i.e. lowest taxes)
   c. Less space and up keep (think vinyl siding)
   d. Granite counters and a massive gourmet kitchen
   e. Rock climbing wall, Jacuzzi showers, lots of fireplaces

3. Which best describes your preferred retirement housing:
   a. On Golden Pond
   b. Green Acres
   c. The Truman Show
   d. Walden

4. I wouldn’t want to retire in a:
   a. Mobile  park
   b. McMansion
   c. A van down by the river
   d. Florida condo
   e. Suburban tract home
   f. Any of the above

5. In your opinion, What climate best suited to live out your retirement years:
   a. The sunshine states
   b. 4 Seasons climates
   c. Anywhere near the Mountains or seaside
   d. In an active urban jungle
   e. Offshore or in a real jungle
   f. All of the above, I’d like multiple homes in multiple climates

6. Affordability. Which statement is most true about your budget for retirement housing:
   a.  I will be able to easily afford multiple ‘whole ownership’ homes in any location I wish to spend time.
   b.  I will need to be creative to afford 2 or more residences in my retirement years.
   c.  I hope to have my primary home paid off and be able to travel during retirement.
   d.  I have not begun to think about a retirement budget, and will likely sell my home and rent during retirement.

7. I already own my retirement nest and it is a:
   a. Cabin or cottage
   b. Condo
   c. Penthouse
   d. Timeshare
   e. Fractional
   f. Condo hotel

8. I plan to spend or have already spent:
   a. More money on a retirement home than on my present primary
   b. Less money
   c. About the same
   d. Buy multiple homes

9. In my golden years I always dreamed of:
   a. Going back to school
   b. Taking up or perfecting my hobbies
   c. Travel
   d. Building a new business or consulting
   e. Sitting in a rocker and playing shuffle board

10. Later in life I plan to:
   a. Make new friends
   b. Need to work
   c. Want to work
   d. Play hard

Ask your spouse or significant other to make sure you are seeking the same kind of retirement housing.

Add up your points as follows:
1. a. 5; b. 5; c. 5; d. 0
2. a. 3; b. 0; c. 0; d. 4; e. 5
3. a. 1; b. 5; c. 3; d. 0
4. a. 3; b. 2; c. 5; d. 2; e. 5; f. 3
5. a. 3; b. 3; c. 3; d. 4; e. 6
6. a. 5; b. 4; c. 2; d. 0
7. a. 4; b. 4; c. 5; d. 5; e. 6; f. 6
8. a. 5; b. 1; c. 3; d. 6
9. a. 4; b. 4; c. 4; d. 4; e. 0
10. a. 4; b. 2; c. 4; d. 5

If your score is over 30 points, you are a Bester. The higher your score, the more likely you will be Besting, not Empty Nesting.

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Article by:
Bob Waun

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