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Can Baby Boomers Still Afford a Full Retirement?

April 22nd, 2017
Even as recent as early 2008, I was sure that I would have a comfortable full retirement. Then . . .

Even as of early as 2008,

I was sure that I would have

a comfortable full retirement.

...then the stock market took a plunge and lost money.
Will I be able to afford to retire?

...and then I got my real estate tax bill with an increase!
Can I afford to stay in my house?

...and then my father turned 90
Can I afford to help him?

...and then my healthcare plan increased by over 20%
Can I afford to keep quality healthcare?

...and then I learn that Medicare will not cover our long-term healthcare
Can I afford to die with dignity?

...and them my employer decides I'm worth less money
Can I continue to save money?

Baby Boomers are coming to the realization
that we can no longer afford a full retirement.

So, what do we do?

Option 1 - Consider down sizng your retirement plans and expectations. Maybe we don't need to remodel our kitchen or build that master suite we dreamed of with the kids now gone. Maybe we don't need to winter in Florida, Maybe we just forget about our retirement travel plans.

Option 2 - Consider a Retirement Job
Check out our Baby Boomers Retirement Jobs and Job Search

Some Retirement Jobs may include:
Part Time or Seasonal
Commission Only
Home Based

Option 3 - Consider Starting a Retirement Business
Check our Baby Boomer Retirement Businesses

Some Retirement options may include:
Part Time or Seasonal Businesses
Home Based Businesses like:
  Online Business
  Affiliate Marketing Business
  Franchise Business

You can also consider using a Retirement Business Consultant to help you find and evaluate a retirement business that is best for you.

Baby Boomer Magazine is aggressively expanding our Baby Boomer Retirement Job and Retirement Business sections of our magazine to include more resources for Baby Boomers to consider on our retirement.

Baby Boomer Retirement Jobs and Retirement Businesses

Consider filling out the 'Request Retirement Business Information' form below to receive business opportunities specifically designed for Retiring Baby Boomers from our Baby Boomer Resource Partners.

Get a FREE Consultation on a Business Website or a Website Makeover

Learn more about our Baby Boomer Resource Partners

Baby Boomer Magazine Does The Research, screening and compiling of true Retirement Business Resources and opportunities expressly for Baby Boomers, ones that Baby Boomer Magazine can support whole heartedly. Baby Boomer Magazine utilizes our Baby Boomer Resource Partners to educate, consult and finally, if found of value to you, to sell you the products and services that truly benefit you as a Retiring Baby Boomer.

Although our Informational Resource Partners also represent various Retirement Business Opportunities, there will be absolutely NO hard sell, NO obligation, NO SPAM and NO hassles - Baby Boomer Magazine guarantees it.

Baby Boomer Magazine has in many cases negotiated various 'Discounts, Premiums and Rebates' on your behalf should you decide to get involved in any Retirement Business Opportunity or a Retirement Business Consultant.

Stan Spector has been working with small businesses for over 10 years and has authored “Baby Boomers’ Official Guide to Retirement Income” (available at and other online book stores) which presents over 125 seasonal or part-time mini-businesses appropriate for retiring Baby Boomers over 50.  You can also check out his web site at
BOOK:  Baby Boomers' Official Guide to Retirement Income

Baby Boomer Magazine,
with due consideration of the present economic situation, 
has committed its investigative and editorial resources
to find individuals and companies of integrity
 as well as products, services and opportunities of quality and true benefit
 of all Baby Boomers in our preparation and implementation of our retirement  
with a desirable quality of life.

Baby Boomer Magazine Does The Research and Screening of products, services and retirement business opportunities expressly for their true value to Baby Boomers - ones that Baby Boomer Magazine can support with our "Baby Boomer Magazine Resource Guarantee".

Baby Boomer Magazine Utilizes our Baby Boomer Resource Partners to educate, consult and if found of value to you, to sell you the products, services or opportunities that truly benefit you as a Baby Boomer.

Baby Boomer Magazine's Resources Partners also represent various products, services or business opportunities that we have found to be of true benefit to Baby Boomers. We Guarantees there will be absolutely NO Hard Sell, NO Obligation, NO SPAM and NO Hassles.

Baby Boomer Magazine does not accept any Advertising Revenue from our Baby Boomer Resource Partners. We only monetarily benefit if you find the product, service or opportunity that is truly of benefit to you.

 Baby Boomer Magazine Recommends:
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Retirement Business Information
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Your contact information will not be shared with anyone
 not directly related to your specific Baby Boomer interests.
Any requests for information is provided without obligation.
Baby Boomers Rock!
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Article by:
Stan Spector
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