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Baby Boomers are Working During Retirement [VIDEO]

December 5th, 2016
[VIDEO] For whatever the reason, Baby Boomers are working after retirement. It can be fun and less stressful than working in our career before retirement.

It is not unusual for a retired Baby Boomer to find us back in the workforce.

It could be because we didn't save enough and need the extra income to meet monthly expenses. Or it might be we just need the job for something to keep us busy and active.

Whatever the reason might be, working after retirement can be fun and less stressful than working in the career before retirement.

Few people get to actually work at the job of their dreams.

A lot of times it is because those types of jobs are not suitably stable for raising a family and becoming financially stable. When you retire and are going back into the workforce, it is a great time to begin a second career around your dream job.

Working after retirement may seem like an odd idea.
After all, Baby Boomers retire so we can stop working. However, many find that not working leaves a big chunk of time unoccupied and we need something to do and decide to finally pursue our dream job. Plus during this time, there is not so much pressure to commit to long hours or worry about salary.

If money is not the reason for going back into the workforce, we may opt to volunteer instead. At this stage of life, contributing to society and staying active and happy is more important that earning brownie points at the office.

Even if the reason for going back to work is because the income is needed to meet expenses of daily living, it is usually possible to get a less stressful job and perhaps work in a career we were always drawn to but never could explore due to the need to pursue a financially stable career.

Some experts feel that many Baby Boomers will become contract workers, taking on freelance assignments without full employment benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans.

Changing Careers with Baby Boomer Job Search?

CareerBuilder - Baby Boomer Retirement Jobs 

Other experts feel that the best way for Baby Boomers to suppliment their income during retirement is to get into a Retirement Business.

Open Your Own Busines with Baby Boomer Business Opportunities

Consider Building a Website to Support the Marketing of Your Business

And as pop culture tells us, 50 is the new 30 and 70 is the new 50. So why not begin a whole new chapter of our lives at 55.  

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Baby Boomers working during retirement is really not a bad thing at all. It works out great for the retiree and also for the employer who gains a valuable experienced employee.

Valuable Job Tip for Retiring Baby Boomers Looking for a Job

Book: Retire Retirement: Career Strategies for the Boomer Generation

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