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Baby Boomers and the Reality of Today's Job Market

December 8th, 2016
Baby Boomers have come of age expecting lifetime job security with decent retirement packages. Now we are facing a new reality.

The Baby Boomer Generation
and Today's Job Market

The Baby Boomer Generation has come of age expecting to have cradle to grave job security with decent retirement packages are now facing a new reality.

Today's economy is based on knowledge and information.

This is where Baby Boomers are supreme.

Baby Boomers are experiencing today a new economy that has no job security, no definite retirement plans, and the expectation that we are expected to perform more tasks in the workplace than ever before.

Those Baby Boomers who came of age expecting to have cradle to grave job security with decent retirement packages are now facing a new reality. Employer's today hire and fire based on their immediate needs. Those who are gainfully employed today will one day find themselves 'downsized' the next.

How can the Baby Boomers stay ahead in an economy that expects them to be better informed, more skilled in new and unfamiliar technologies, and economically secure despite sweeping layoffs?

The key to Baby Boomers ongoing success is inside each of us to find our authentic self. In the face of the harsh reality concerning Boomer employability and retirement possibilities, the feeling is that the best game plan to staying relevant in today's job market is to center ourself. 

Baby Boomers need this honesty about ourselves to be recognized for being indispensable in any work environment.  Making our work as unique and useful as possible by bringing your best ideas to work is vital to staying ahead of the curve.

The dilemma of the Baby Boomer is that we are living with one foot in the old industrial job-for-life world while the other is in the changing-every-minute information age. We were complacent in a job market forged by the prior generation.

We are finding now that Complacency no longer works. The warning to employed, white collar Baby Boomers who are trying to understand our place in the new economy: if we do not change with the economy's needs, we will not succeed, regardless of our skills in our specialized field.

Some experts feel that many Baby Boomers will become contract workers, taking on freelance assignments without full employment benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans.

Changing Careers with Baby Boomer Job Search?

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Other experts feel that the best way for Baby Boomers to suppliment their income during retirement is to get into a Retirement Business.

Open Your Own Busines with Baby Boomer Business Opportunities?

There may be a trade-off of truly stimulating niche assignments for new concerns over health insurance and retirement planning.

The message is, we need to believe in ourselves and in our ability to rise to any challenge. We need to diversify our skills so that we remain a commodity.  The new economy will most likely force many of us to try our hand at various occupations. The key is to find the one career that leaves us the most fulfilled.

Most important: Baby Boomers - Follow Our Passion.

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Dean Burns
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