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A Baby Boomer Real Story - It Isn’t Easy Being Green, or Is It?

May 30th, 2009
We as Baby Boomers can make a difference in energy consumption since we no longer have soccer practice, T-ball, Scouts and endless commitments with children still at home.

It Isn’t Easy Being Green,
or Is It? 
by Mary Riggs

While many of us have been recycling for years there are still many small things we can do to both conserve and set an example to the generations that follow.

I have not seen Ben Stein’s documentary called “Expelled” yet, but from the previews I have viewed it makes clear that no matter what your religious beliefs it is difficult to argue that there is a divine creator.  One only has to look at nature and the planet we inhabit to recognize this.

My endless emails to my senators and representatives regarding making the 55 mph speed limit for trucks mandatory on all Interstate highways as found in California has fallen of deaf ears.  I am helpless against the oil lobby.

In addition, I have tried to get the news media and our elected officials to see how much more efficient it would be to haul the diesel fuel coast to coast by train than by trucking it.  My conclusion is that the Teamsters have a stronger voice!

So as I am filling my Volkswagen Jetta the other day, that I could not force $20.00 worth of gas into in 2002, I realized it now takes that much gasoline to cut my lawn each week I decided the following:

1 – The USPS delivers my mail daily.  I will simply request a pickup by the carrier from their web site daily, eliminating my daily short trip to the post office 2 miles away to ship for my online store.

2 – I make a list of everything I run out of throughout the week on a legal pad and do my errands on Wednesday.  This requires drawing my circle diagram of places in order and items the day before and a bit of organizing, but it is well worth it.

Tomorrow will include: bank deposit, Goodwill, church rummage drop off, Once Upon a Child to sell grandson’s clothing, gas for mower, prescription dog food from vet, printer paper, ant traps, 5 bags of cedar mulch, and the groceries for the week.

I find it strange that I am hearing from friends and reading blogs that indicate that couples have now switched cars, i.e. the husband is using the wife’s compact for his longer commute!  What a novel idea!  Wonder if it would have occurred to them had the gasoline prices not soared?

We as Baby Boomers can make a difference in the consumption since we don’t have soccer practice, T-ball, Scouts and endless commitments with children still at home.

I look through my neighborhood and see every teenager with a car and the school bus going to the end of its run with only two children aboard.

Whenever you think that one person can not make a difference, think of Shell Oil posting 7 billion in 1st quarter profits today.

Mary Riggs:

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Article by:
Mary Riggs

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