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Baby Boomer Women Can Play Better Golf - Seven Exercise Tips [VIDEO]

December 3rd, 2016
[VIDEO] Baby Boomer Men generally have more upper body strength than Baby Boomer Woman. As a rule men will drive the ball farther than woman will. Here are 7 exercises tips for women to play better golf.

Baby Boomer Women
Can Play Better Golf -
Seven Exercise Tips
By Robert Bresloff

Believe it or not, there are differences between men and women…no not that - 
The approach to golf.

Ladies usually hit from different tees.
Why? Well, the physical difference…
there you go again;

I’m talking about the fact that men generally have more upper body strength than woman.

As a rule men will drive the ball farther than woman will.

There are exceptions, but as a rule I think we can all agree on that. 

Here are seven exercise tips to get you on your way to better golf.

1–Balance: Take a little time during your exercise sessions to work on this very important function. Try standing on each foot, one at a time for thirty seconds. For you more advanced exercisers there are always lunges. Both exercises will give you improved dynamic balance.

2–Core strength: Work your abs (I recommend crunches), but do it slow and controlled. The abdominal muscles don’t like fast movements. Don’t forget the low back. Stay on the floor and do some bridges. Make sure you challenge yourself.

3–Upper body strengthening: No need to look like Ms. Olympia, but working the chest, back and shoulders could help those drives land a little closer to the cup. Push-ups (ladies style are okay but try and get those knees off the floor as soon as possible), Lat pull downs or pull-ups on a weight assisted machine and shoulder extensions or any variation of these movements. (Try and stay away from overhead presses, they can cause compression of the spine).

4–Torso rotation: Golf is about rotation. One exercise that brings torso rotation and leg strengthening to the table is rotating the upper torso while performing the stationary lunge. Two important notes: Always make sure that your front knee does not extend beyond the toes while lunging and that the knee is lined up between the big and next toe. As you lung, turn your upper torso the front leg side returning to center as you come up. This is an excellent compound movement.

5–Specific shoulder strength: I recommend using tubing or free-motion equipment to work your shoulders in all rotations—external, internal and lateral. (You may need to do a little research on this one). Refer to my book, The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Fitness for specific movements or consult with a qualified trainer

6–Improved grip: This one might sound a little strange but it will really improve your grip as well as making the finger joints strong and supple. Take a large Tupperware type container (one big enough to fit your hand in) and add enough un-popped popcorn deep enough to nearly cover your hand. Now, place you hand on top of the kernels and close your fist around them. Try two sets and 15 reps every day.

7–The final tip: before starting any type of exercise program, check with your physician to see if exercise is right for you. Remember, there are contraindications to exercise based on certain or specific conditions. Always err on the side of safety. If something hurts or doesn’t feel right—stop!

Baby Boomer Womens Golf Lesson with Boomer Bob

Oh…I have one more tip. If you are unsure of an exercise, consult a fitness professional. But check credentials and experience to make sure you’re getting the right stuff.

Good luck with your conditioning program.

Robert Bresloff is a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Therapist, Adaptive Fitness Specialist, a Specialist in Fitness for Older Adults and Endurance Trainer with The International Sports Sciences Association. He owned and operated, Total Fitness Concepts Inc for 10 years. He has written for Masters Athlete Magazine, The Waukegan News Sun and trade e magazines and recently released his first fitness book,  'The Baby Boomer's Guide to Fitness"

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Article by:
Robert Bresloff

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