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The Baby Boomers Guide to Fitness by Robert Bresloff [A Series]

August 23rd, 2011
The Baby Boomer Generation quest for fitness needs to deal with health issues such as osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic back problems and obesity.

Baby Boomer’s Guide to Fitness
New Baby Boomer Magazine Series 

Some Facts About Aging
Robert Bresloff

Every day we read more and about how our generation needs to deal with health issues such as osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic back problems and obesity. Make no mistake about it; fitness and health are two completely different issues but one can help the other. Proper fitness can positively affect many common health complaints.

We may not be getting any younger, but I can’t think of one good reason not to meet those coming golden years head on.

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Exercise may or may not be the fountain of youth, but having strong bones, supple, flexible muscles and great balance can make getting older a lot easier to take.

Truly, we’re not getting any younger and though being fit doesn’t carry any guarantees, a well balanced fitness program can do wonders for the body and the mind. Attitude is everything. Remember we’re all the same age. Some of us have just been here a little longer.

After many years of lifting weights, coaching sports and personal training (at this writing I am 59 years young and still a full-time personal trainer), I have come to realize that not only do most of these, so called experts that we see on television, in books and magazines not have the answer, I don’t even think they know the question!

The human body has a set of rules that it must live by— they’re called biomechanics. Many of these so-called experts seem to ignore this fact and continually teach methods that could be injurious to joints.

My hope is that The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Fitness will teach you proper exercises performed in a functional manner designed to get results while at the same time protecting your joints, leaving them strong, flexible and ready to meet the challenges of middle or any age.

This exercise system is no quick fix and in no way does it pretend to have all the answers—but it is a well thought out plan that takes physical limitations into consideration.

Why in the world do we need to train in the martial arts style if we don’t practice martial arts? Why do we take classes that make us step up and down on the same riser over and over again when we should be teaching our bodies how to properly climb a flight of stairs? Don’t even get me started on fitness boot camps.

After all these years, I have learned the significance of balance, stability, joint range and how to teach human beings to exercise properly without the pain, soreness and injuries that have come to be expected with working out.

 Remember this one, “No Pain No Gain”? It even sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Fitness will attempt to teach you proper form and the proper progression of exercise done correctly. Some of the theory may contradict popular beliefs but if you think it through, I’m sure that you will agree that it makes perfect, logical sense. 

Okay baby-boomers, now let’s begin learning the proper exercise methods that will get you in shape to tackle the most difficult sport of all—everyday life—your everyday life.

Baby Boomer Exercise Video & Song

Robert Bresloff is a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Therapist, Adaptive Fitness Specialist, a Specialist in Fitness for Older Adults and Endurance Trainer with The International Sports Sciences Association. He owned and operated, Total Fitness Concepts Inc for 10 years. He has written for Masters Athlete Magazine, The Waukegan News Sun and trade e magazines and recently released his first fitness book, 

'The Baby Boomer's Guide to Fitness"
The Baby Boomer's Guide to Fitness

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Article by:
Robert Bresloff

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