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September 10th, 2008
More than half of Baby Boomers ages 48 through 62 had sex at least once a week.
A CNBC article by Diana Olick in 2006 reported that an AARP survey in 2004 found that "60 percent of boomers say they are sexually active at least once a week." I found more about that study and learned they surveyed a nationally representative group of 1,682 adults ages 45 and older to measure attitudes and other factors affecting their sexuality and quality of life.

At that time the oldest Boomer would have been 58 and the youngest only 40. So while the study showed that more than half of the 45- through 59-year-olds had sex at least once a week, those who were 60- through 74-year-olds (a group the older boomers are now falling into) reported only 30 percent of men and 24 of women had sex weekly.

So while the study showed that frequency drops with age, it also showed that 70 percent of all surveyed men and women with regular partners were sexually active enough to have intercourse at least once or twice a month. Obviously there are many factors involved in the frequency of sex: medications taken, physical health, health of the relationship, libido of the partners, etc., etc., etc.

Soooo, how often? I'd say as often as you and your partner both agree that you feel like doing it. What do you other readers think. Please add your comments.

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