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Baby Boomers Put Vacationing in Palm Springs High on Our Bucket List [VIDEO]

October 10th, 2016
Baby Boomers are actively planning to vacation to places on our Bucket Lists - Palm Springs ranking high in our travel priorities. Palm Springs Home Vacation Rentals

Baby Boomers Put Vacationing in Palm Springs California High on Our Travel Bucket List


Palm Springs, San Francisco and Los Angeles California are just a few of our most popular US vacation destinations.

Article: Baby Boomers Rent Their Palm Springs Homes to Vacationing Baby Boomers [VIDEO]

Baby Boomer
Bucket List includes vacationing in a warm climate destination, like Palm Springs California that offers a nearly year-round desirable climate with almost no rain, low humidity and an average temperature in the 70's in winter and 80's in Fall and Spring - after all it is the Desert.

Palm Springs California
represents a very desirable multi-generational family and friend gathering location which offers a wide variety of eating choices along with highly desirable group lodging like all-suites lodgings and vacation rental homes, all in a location with easy accessible public transportation and safe walk able urban communities.

AARP Travel Trends Survey in 2014 shows that 59.4% of Baby Boomers are looking to escape, relax and rejuvenate ourselves while socializing with family and friends during our upcoming vacations. 

The AARP Study also shows that Baby Boomers will be active travelers during 2015 and planning on taking four to five vacations during the following year.

AARP Vice President of Member Value, Stephanie Miles, said that they are pleased that Baby Boomers remain enthusiastic about travel and are planning for more multi-generational (family and friend) travel in 2015 and that vacation locations that offer a desirable climate, safe environment and affordable group accommodations will be very popular with Baby Boomers in the upcoming year.

TripAdvisor's recent survey named Palm Springs one of the most affordable US Destinations for Vacation Rental Homes.

TripAdvisor Director of Communications, Brooke Ferencsik, said ''For those traveling with family or a group, vacation rentals can be a great way to cut down on accommodation costs while enjoying some of the creature comforts of home'.

Acme House Company, ( is a Professional Vacation Rental Management Company representing over 70 private pool homes and condos in Palm Springs. They did their own follow-up on the TripAdvisor Travel Trends Studies by polling 1,000 of its recent Baby Boomer vacation rental guests to determine what they feel was most compelling about their visit to Palm Springs.

Responses by Baby Boomers about Palm Springs Home Vacation Rentals:

 • The weather and natural beauty
 • The city’s focus on mid-century art, architecture and design
 • The ease of navigating the city
 • The selection of luxury vacation rental homes catering to small group travel
 • The affordable pricing for vacation rental homes
 • The abundance of golf courses, hiking trails and other recreational activities
 • The wide selection of dining options
 • The city-hosted festivals and special events

Acme House Company actively promotes Palm Springs as a travel destination to Baby Boomers. The company reports that Baby Boomers constitute greater than 40% of the total Palm Springs visiting guest population, spend $120 Billion every year in leisure travel.

Acme House Company President, Mike Flannery, said 'Professionally Managed Vacation Homes offer a great deal of what the Baby Boomers are searching for in travel lodging,' 'Our three, four and five bedroom vacation rental homes are awesome for gatherings of mature couples who travel together as well as for those multi-generational family vacations.'

Acme House Company is the ideal alternative for vacationers who desire luxury, and yet want to hold expenses down. The cost for staying at one of their resort-style, top of the line homes for an extended weekend or weeklong vacation can be as low as $49 per night per person. The ability to save money by "cooking at home," and the amenities their properties offer appeals greatly with Baby Boomers."

Acme House Company recently added twelve fabulous new homes to their portfolio of vacation rental homes. One of its more popular new additions is The Desert Peacock, a five bedroom, four bath home in the Sunrise Park neighborhood of Palm Springs. This recently remodeled mid-century home sleeps ten people comfortably, boasts three master suites, two additional bedrooms, a heated pool, spa, firepit and mountain views.  A seven day stay at The Desert Peacock during May or June costs as little as $280 per person for the entire week.

Baby Boomers are finding the rental price of these wonderful vacation homes with an open floor plan, a private yard and just a short walk to town locations, provides exactly what Baby Boomers are looking for in vacation home.

Vacationing Baby Boomers find Vacation Home Rentals just like hanging at home 
   – but much, much better. 

Guest Review:
Very very nice house.
"Thank you! We really enjoyed our time at Luxury Poolside Paradise. The house was clean, comfortable and felt like home. The grounds were gorgeous. The pool, mountain views and outdoor dining were all wonderful."
- Maureen B. from Syracuse, NY, 01/13/2015

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Reservations: 1-866-879-5553
Phone: 760.650.0150 ext. 916
Fax: 760.650.0151
1733 N Palm Canyon Dr, Ste. D
Palm Springs, CA 92262

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