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Baby Boomer Generation is Finding Old Friends Online

January 8th, 2016
Have you ever wondered what your buddy from high school is doing these days? How about that cute girl or guy you liked your junior year? Well, now days Baby Boomers are using the Internet to find them!

Baby Boomer Generation
is Finding Old Friends Online.

Have you ever wondered what your buddy from high school is doing these days?

How about that cute girl or guy you liked your junior year?

Well, now days Baby Boomers are using the Internet to find old friends!

Sure, back in our day we had to deal with that whole phonebook thing, and if they weren't listed, you were just out of luck.

That certainly is a part of our past - but today the Internet has changed the whole scheme of things.

With the aid of our home PC or Mac computer, Baby Boomers can find people on the Internet with the push of a button. Or click of a mouse. Whichever catchphrase you prefer. If you haven't done it yet, get online now and check it out.

About a month ago, I stumbled across my high school yearbook, while searching for some old photo albums. My eyes lit up with intrigue. I couldn't help but flip back through it - experiencing a 30-year time warp. What a truly nostalgic experience seeing all of those failures faces from times gone by - way by for us Baby Boomers anyway.

Then I got the idea to pop open my laptop computer and actually try to find on the Internet some of those people from my graduating class. I began punching names into GOOGLE. While many of them didn't pop up, several did. Whether it listed the college they attended, their current law or medical practice, or just an award or certificate they had won, it was all too bizarre.

I found that there are literally dozens of websites that would do the searching for me. They were able to find many more of the ones that I was looking for.

Then I came across an even better way to find my old classmates - is a nifty web service that offers access online to Baby Boomers as well as anyone else who joins. There I could literally regain touch with many of my old classmates through emails, messages, and pictures. This service does have a monthly fee like some others do, but it's absolutely ideal if you want to find people from your old high school or even your college. is another website that I found to be very helpful in finding old classmates.

Yes indeed, Baby Boomers are finding the Internet to be a great resource for not only searching for old friends but also many of the products and services that we desire. Try it, you'll like it!

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Article by:
Dean Burns

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